1. Which of the following best describes a Woof-woof's size?

Smaller than a flea

Bigger than a breadbox

The size of a whale

2. It has been said that Woof-Woof's are associated with a sport.  Which sport?

Lawn Tennis

Tiddley Winks

Elephant Wrestling

3. If you invite a Woof-Woof to a dinner party, what should you tell your other guests?

Be nice because the Woof-Woof is very sensitive.

Be sure to come armed.

Speak loudly because the Woof-Woof is hard of hearing.

4. Your daughter suddenly announces that she is going to marry a Woof-Woof.  You should immediately do what?

Shoot your daughter

Move to another state

Shoot yourself

5. If a Woof-Woof arrives unexpectedly and wants to spend the night, what should you do?

Declare war on a small European country

Shoot the Woof-Woof

None of the above

6. You have decided to go Woof-Woof hunting.  Which of these items would be most appropriate?

A heavy coat

An elephant gun

A fast pair of roller skates

7. If a Woof-Woof is coming to dinner, what should you serve?

Strictly vegetarian


Raw, red meat garnished with your other guests

8. What music should you play during dinner when a Woof-Woof is one of your guests?



No music at all

9. What kind of room lighting is most appropriate when a Woof-Woof is visiting?




10. If you are planning a party for a Woof-Woof, what dress code is most appropriate?