Yellowstone National Park  7/2006


There were two things we wanted to see in Yellowstone; the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and the geysers as well as any wildlife we might see along the way.





The canyon is from 800 to 1200 feet deep and about 20 miles long.  It is about 10,000 years old and is a product of erosion rather than glacier action.






The Yellowstone River at the bottom of the canyon is quite active.  We saw no one shooting these rapids.




Unlike the "white cliffs of Dover", these white cliffs are Rhyolite; a very fine grained granite.







As we were leaving the canyon, we, and 40 or 50 other people, saw a small herd of elk in a meadow near the road.  I was amazed that the elk were paying no mind to all the people and vehicles. 





I took this picture from the steps of our motor home as I was getting inside.  The elk crossed the road about three feet in front of our rig.





Geothermal activity results when surface water seeps down to meet the heat of the earth's molten rock. Because molten rock may be as close as three to eight miles below the surface in Yellowstone, the park has the largest and most varied collection of geothermal features on Earth.

This is Beryl Spring.  The disturbance is the water is caused by escaping volcanic gases, mostly steam.  The water is a few degrees below boiling.






Another type of acidic hot spring, a mud pot, forms as limited amounts of heated water mixes with clay and other undissolved mineral matter. Depending on the minerals present, it can be quite colorful, earning it the nickname "paint pot."   This one was a very colorful gray.





A special kind of hot spring with constrictions in its plumbing, a geyser, periodically erupts violently as pressure mounts in the large volume of hot water stored deep under the surface. Some geysers erupt every minute while others are inactive for months or even years. The park has more than 300 geysers and each continues to change its pattern of activity

This is Spasm Geyser. 





We stopped to see Old Faithful along with several hundred other people.  This picture was taken 30 minutes before the next eruption was due.





Old Faithful erupted right on schedule.

Yellowstone is a fascinating place and should be at the top of your list of places to see, even if you have seen it before.