Wall Drug  7/2006


No trip to South Dakota is complete without a visit to Wall Drug.  You will have no trouble finding it since it is advertised for at least 300 miles in any direction.  It is located, strangely enough, in the town of Wall, South Dakota, about 50 miles east of Rapid City.  Wall is a town of about 800 inhabitants by night and about 2000 by day; most of them in Wall Drug.  It contains what is undoubtedly the worlds largest collection of worthless junk.




There are two campgrounds right in town.  If you like, you can save a buck by camping in the Wall Drug parking lot. 







The main street of Wall is one block long.  As you can see, Wall Drug occupies most of one side of that block.






Wall Drug evolved by taking over the stores on either side.  They are now connected by doorways to make one very large store.  What you see here is only a small part of the worlds largest collection of expensive junk.  It is great fun just to look through this collection.  It isn't necessary to actually buy anything.  Please take note that the ice water is free; at least, one 4-ounce cup at a time is.





One thing that can be said of South Dakota in general is that the natives are definitely friendly.






Among the art treasures on display is this statue of the famous (infamous?) Jackalope.  They are said to frequent this part of the country.  Strangely, they only seem to appear late a night just after the bars close.






Wall Drug is definitely worth a visit if you are anywhere nearby.  Of course, if you have already seen it, you know that once is enough.  One very good incentive for a visit is that Wall is at the entrance to the Badlands National Park.  The Park is worth a visit even if you are not anywhere nearby.