Interesting Signs We Have Seen

May 2007

Signs are important to us because of the way we live.  We are often in places we have never been before.  We don't know local laws, where we are going, or, sometimes, what we are looking for.  Signs tell us these things.  But sometimes the signs themselves are as interesting as anything else.




Signs often tell us about expectations.  This sign shows what Judge Roy Bean expected from the customers in his saloon in Langtree, Texas.  As you can see, he did not expect to attract the highest class of customers.





South of Kansas City, Missouri on US71 you will find the town of Peculiar.  The residents seem quite proud of their name.  The story of how the town was named, as told by one of those residents, is also "peculiar".  To incorporate a town in Missouri, you must submit the town name to a state agency for approval.  The townspeople of this town settled on a name and submitted it for approval.  It was rejected because another town already had that name.  The people chose another name which was also rejected for the same reason.  After the third rejection, someone was heard to say "Now that is peculiar" and thus the town was named.



This sign is in a Texas State Park.  It is not clear if it is intended to protect the tourists or the alligators.  In either case, it is clear that the park authorities do not have a high opinion of the intelligence of their visitors.





This is a service I have only seen offered in Texas.  I have not been able to think of a good reason why anyone would want to rent a tire, but it is comforting to know that if such a situation did occur, the service is available.




We saw this road sign in Washington.  It was at a "T" intersection of two county roads.  It turns out that you could actually get to the town of Ilwaco by going either direction but it would not be very reassuring if you were lost and found this sign.






This sign is on the side of a building in Harrisonville, Missouri, just south of Kansas City.  There is obviously at least one citizen who is very proud of his town but has a very low opinion of the local newspaper.  Maybe they misspelled his name in a news story. 




In El Rosario, Baja California this sign was posted in the campground.  The campground is in behind a motel.  Near the motel is the usual sign asking guests to "Please clean up after your pet".  Apparently the management thinks that RVers require more direct instructions.