Palo Duro Canyon 4/2006


Palo Duro Canyon is in the Texas panhandle near Amarillo.  We have talked about going there several times but the weather didn't cooperate until now.  The canyon is at 3-4000 feet and it was always too cold when we were in the area.  This time it had warmed up enough for us while we were still in Texas.






The canyon is impressive.  However, it does not quite live up to the tourism hype about it being a "small Grand Canyon".






This colorful feature in the canyon is called the Indian Skirt for obvious reasons.  It is about the only color in the canyon and is very distinctive.





This is the Visitor Center in the Palo Duro State Park.  As you can see, it has a terrific view of the canyon.  It is supposed to be very interesting in itself.  Unfortunately, it didn't open until after lunch and we couldn't wait around until then.







Palo Duro Canyon is impressive and interesting.  It is worth some effort to see.  Just don't be put off by the tourism hype that makes it sound like the eighth wonder of the world.