Winter in Texas

11/06 - 2/07

For a number of reasons that seemed like a good idea at the time, we decided to winter in South Texas this year.  We stayed in Mission at an RV park called The Americana.  Four months we sat in one spot.  Usually, we stay only a few days in one place before moving on.  We have only stopped in three other parks for as much as a month and all three of those were in Mexico.  So this was a new experience for us.  As a result, we have come to a firm resolve:  NEVER AGAIN!!! 

To be fair, there was one interesting aspect to the long stay.  When you stay in a park for a few days, you meet and socialize with your neighbors and perhaps a few others in the park.  When you stay for more than a month, you begin to see the politics and group dynamics that exist there.  I had not realized that an RV park operated like any other community.  The same kinds of social cliques form and the same power plays are occurring.  Marilee and I were not invited to join the "elite" group.  I felt that was a very nice compliment to us.




This was our campsite. It is, I think, one of the best in the campground.  The fruit tree next to the shelter is pink grapefruit.  They ripened while we were there and were delicious.  The rest of the park is nice also although poor maintenance is rapidly changing that.  The grounds keepers' idea of proper trimming for a flowering bush or tree is to cut it off two inches above the ground.

By the way, note the Dodge grill on our rig in the lower right corner of the picture.  It was never to be seen again.  More about this later.



Since we were there at Christmas, we decided to have our own Christmas Tree.  It was fun getting those lights over the top of a 15-foot tree with only a six foot ladder.




There was a great variety of birds in the park including these Green Parakeets.  It did seem strange to call them "parakeets" when they were the size of pigeons.  There was a flock of about 40 of them that showed up nearly every morning and again in the late afternoon.




This was the New Years Eve party.  I took this picture with a very slow shutter.  The blurred fellow at left-center is not really moving that fast.  This party, at least, ran until midnight.  Another park we were in declared New Year at 9:00 PM so that no one would have to stay up past their bedtime.




All Winter Texan or Snowbird parks have "activities" so that the inmates don't get bored.  This was one of the Jam Sessions.  There are a surprising number of good musicians to be found in RVs.  There were even a few in this park.  One thing in very short supply was good singers.  We went to a few of the Jams but mostly sat outside in the patio.  They had just bought a new sound system and were showing it off by cranking up the volume.  My hearing may have deteriorated with age but not that much.  Outside the building, the volume level was reasonable.

Other activities here were crafts, potluck dinners, line dancing, Pokeno, bingo, poker  and even Spanish lessons.



That Dodge grill you saw earlier has been replaced by a Mercedes-Benz grill.  This was Marilee's Christmas present she bought for herself.  The chassis for our rig was designed by Mercedes but was built under contract by Dodge.  Marilee wanted everyone to know that we now drive a Mercedes.

There are about 500 RV parks in the Rio Grande Valley.  The next time we stop in the Valley it will be at one of the other 499.