Cody, Wyoming 7/2006


Cody is a very RV-friendly town.  People every where are friendly and there is public transportation to take you wherever you want to go.  There are two interesting things to see in town; the rodeo and the Wild Bill museum.  The rodeo is small but very good.  The museum is well worth a visit.  Marilee and I are generally tired of museums but we enjoyed this one very much.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera when we went to the rodeo so you will have to settle for pictures of the museum.





The Plains Indian section was fascinating.  This part was showing how the camp was moved in order to follow the buffalo.  Their entire economy was based on the buffalo.  The buffalo hunter destroyed the plains Indians much more thoroughly than the Army ever could have.






When it was time to move the camp, everyone got into the act.  Even the dog had to do his part.  Unfortunately, if the hunting was not good in the new location, the dog might wind up in the stew pot.





This is a Crow woman made up for a parade.  In the old days, she seldom had such fancy clothes and rarely rode a horse. 






This is a somewhat stylized Lakota encampment.





This is a pictograph describing the Battle of Little Big Horn.  I couldn't read it, but it seems to be very detailed and it does have a happy ending.  The rifle shown is a single-shot Springfield of a type used by the Army then.  Many of the Indians were armed with 7-shot Winchesters.





This is a sheep herder's wagon.  The sheep herder would live for weeks in such a wagon while moving the sheep to new grazing and protecting them while they grazed.  Could this be one of the first RVs used in the US?

The museum also contains one of the best gun collections I have ever seen.  It is not the largest collection but it is very well organized and displayed.  Unfortunately, I was so fascinated by it that I forgot to take pictures of it.  It is definitely worth some effort to see.