Black Canyon of the Gunnison

August 2007

This National Park is located in southwestern Colorado near the town of Montrose.  The canyon is 53 miles long of which 14 miles are in the park.  The average descent of the Gunnison River over the entire length of the canyon is 43 feet per mile.  This means that the river drops more than 2200 feet through the length of the canyon.  As a comparison, that is more than the drop of the Mississippi River throughout its 1500 mile length from Minnesota to New Orleans. 

The two pictures  just below were taken from Chasm View Point on the south rim.  To give you a perspective of the scale, the canyon is about 1800 feet deep at this point and about 1100 feet wide rim to rim.

The next pictures were taken from Tomichi Point, also on the south rim of the canyon.

These next pictures are not of the canyon itself but they show scenes on the canyon south rim near Chasm view Point.  I have no idea how these trees got in the condition they are in but you can see they are twisted nearly 360 degrees.

Black Canyon is well worth the stop.