Our New Rig

We loved our Roadtrek but it was getting a little long in the tooth.  Marilee listed her requirements and I listed mine.  A little Internet research located a rig that met both of our requirements.  In fact, we found two; the Winnebago View and the Itaska Navion.  The first one we found was the Navion, so we bought it.





My only requirement for the new rig was about the size of it.  Just the thought of driving some big bus, especially on those roads in Mexico, absolutely terrified me.  The Navion, thank goodness, is only about three feet longer than the Roadtrek.  The Mercedes diesel engine in this one should get 16-18 MPG.  That didn't break my heart either.






Marilee's had two main requirements; 1) a permanent bed rather than one that had to be made up every night and put away every morning and 2) a full-sized refrigerator.  The Navion met both of those requirements.

The Navion has the required bed.  It's a little small but quite comfortable.  I will admit it is a relief not to be making the bed every night and putting it up every morning.






The refrigerator also met Marilee's specification.  The freezer alone is larger than the entire refrigerator in the Roadtrek.  To me this means that I can now have two things of which I have been sorely deprived these last two years; french fries and ice cream. 







This is the main living area.  There is plenty of room for both computers and even for lunch.






 This is a view from the bedroom forward.







The galley is a little short on counter space but covers over the stove and sink help to make it usable.
There was a small problem mounting our Data Storm internet system antenna.  The most reasonable space to put it was an inch too short.  To gain an inch, a rack was built to raise the antenna.  The mounting rack is about five inches high.  It is made of welded aluminum and attached to the roof using Winnebago approved methods and materials.
This is my new toy.  It is a Piaggio Motor Scooter, Fly150.  Its small, 150 cc engine is enough to push it to 60 MPH and it gets about 70 MPG.  The rack it rides in is a standard, receiver mounted rack, but because of the way the rig's spare tire is mounted, a receiver extension had to be used to move it out far enough to clear.


There is enough storage room in our new rig but we have not yet come up with the optimum arrangement for our stuff.  The Navion is powered by a five-cylinder Mercedes diesel engine.  It seems to have enough power, although on a five-mile long, 10% grade I was down to 35 MPH in second gear by the time I got to the top.  We are getting 16-18 MPG which is also good news. 

We like the new rig and think it will do us just fine for the next 100,000 miles or more.